sparr (sparr0) wrote,

My January events at Loophole

Upcoming events I am hosting at Loophole (the coliving / art / event space I recently co-founded in SOMA, SF):
Sunday January 13, 2-6PM, Deception Game Night. Tabletop games built around bluffing, lying, and backstabbing. We might play Coup, Diplomacy, Resistance, Liar's Dice, Werewolf, or other similar games.
Tuesday January 8 6:45-9PM, Rope Bondage lesson+practice. Lesson will cover the munter hitch as a friction knot in tight rope cages. Afterward we have open practice and skillshare time.
Reach out if you're interested in attending either, or if you want to get on our mailing list where we announce all sorts of other events not hosted by me, such as yoga class, bouldering practice on our climbing wall, music documentary / concert film movie nights, meditation, and more every month! 
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