sparr (sparr0) wrote,

Seeking: Taxonomy of textual discussion formats/modes

I want to see categorical comparisons between 1-on-1 instant messaging, group messaging, forum threads, social media posts, with comments, with comments and replies, with fully nested comments/replies, with Tumblr's crazy "only see this comment's lineage" interface, wikis, Discourse, plain text chat rooms, rich chat rooms like slack/discord/hipchat, etc.

I have a pretty wide experience with these sorts of things, but am only moderately skilled at organizing and cross-referencing this sort of data, and terrible at presenting that sort of thing visually or interactively. If someone out there is good with flow charts and diagrams and references, maybe we could work together to make this happen?

Maybe the format is something like TVTropes, where there's a page for every specific site/app, and each one gets a bunch of tags that comprehensively describe how it works, and each tab has a page that describes how that aspect works, which major sites/apps use it, pros and cons, etc.
Tags: chat, datascience, diagram, irc, socialmedia, socialnetwork, wiki
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