sparr (sparr0) wrote,

Winding down my involvement with Buspatch

It has been an exciting year and a half of planning and operating Buspatch, but it is time for me to move on. I don't know what I'll be doing next for housing, maybe still vehicle dwelling, maybe a mundane apartment, maybe something else, or what sort of project(s) I'll transition into spending time and money on. I am opening discussions with the current residents, and am inviting any other interested parties to reach out, about keeping Buspatch alive, but it seems likely that it will wind down leading up to my departure.

I have always said that I expect Buspatch to keep getting better all the way to its last day, and that remains the case. We will continue to host open house days and project days and other events right up to the end. I will continue engaging with the city of Oakland over the rights of vehicle dwellers, probably even for a while after Buspatch is gone. The information and experience we have gathered will hopefully be useful to other people in the bay area pursuing unusual dwelling opportunities, and we will do our best to put it into a format that can reach as many of those people as possible.

Part of this transition will probably involve getting rid of some of my vehicles and a lot of my tools and hardware. There will be Craigslist/Facebook/etc posts about that, but if you've toured the space and seen something you like then feel free to let me know sooner.
Tags: buspatch, project
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