December 20th, 2018

game of life, hacker, cellular automata

State of the Sparr, December 2018

It has been far too long since I posted a general update of the state and progress of my life, and I am joining a number of new (and long-ignored) social networks so this seems like a way to catch up quickly.

Currently I am working at HotSchedules, a restaurant management SAAS platform. I am living in a space that I co-founded, called Loophole, in SF, with 8-11 other people and that is going decently so far. I am slowly getting out of the vehicle-owning business, aiming to keep just one big bus for road trips and parties. Some vehicles I have sold, some I have given away, some have seen unfortunate ends. Marriage is going well enough, we are making some progress on her immigration paperwork, and I will soon reap the tax benefits (~$7k?) for the first time. I am going to fewer regional burns and big kink events, more big public and private festivals / retreats / parties. I continue to make small steps towards starting projects of significant scale or scope, and then give up out of lack of motivation. That's about all for now; below are some highlights (and lowlights) for the last five years:
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game of life, hacker, cellular automata

Goodbye MeWe and October, it was a boring week.

MeWe and October are the first sites/apps to be eliminated from my attempt to use new social network / posting / communication platforms. They both have some novel ideas, but not nearly enough features or users (even strangers) to make it worth my time to be an early adopter. I might check them out again in the future, but for now my "sites to visit / read / post to before or in addition to Facebook" bookmark folder is down from 8 to 6.